Practical English Usage

Practical English Usage

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Your indispensable guide to problem in English

Practical English Usage answers the question that teachers and learners ask about English grammar and vocabulary, using clear corpus-informed explanations and examples.

More than 600 entries range across issues such as:
article problems • using tenses • singular theyget as a passive auxiliary • the truth about conditionals • bring or take? • can, could, may or might? • classic or classical? • emails • politeness • avoiding offensive language

New Forth Edition

New organised into two main parts for quicker, easier reference

Complete practical learner’s grammar

28 sections cover all the grammar and usage that learners need to know, including:
- the grammar of speech and formal writing
- British-American differences
- changes in English
- questions of style and idiom
-lists of learners’ most common mistakes

Guide to vocabulary problems

- rules for word formation and spelling
- a survey of high-priority vocabulary areas
- an A-Z guide to over 250 common word problems

Features and functions

  • Search within indexes, full-text, examples
  • Customize search options (starts/ends with, appears in idioms/examples)
  • Fast pattern-match search (*, ?, vowel, consonant and group of letters) for crossword solving
  • “Jump” feature – touch any word anywhere in the dictionary to go to the definition
  • Search text within entry
  • Bookmark and history functions
  • Syncing bookmarks and history with iCloud
  • Clipboard search
  • VoiceOver read outs dictionary contents


GenreEnglish grammar dictionary
Update dateApril 11, 2024
Release dateApril 11, 2024
TitlePractical English Usage 4th edition
PublisherOxford University Press