Single tool to learn English vocabulary
"Vocabulary by Monokakido"

English vocabulary app that is now even better

Switch between contents within the app.
You no longer need to switch between multiple apps.

*Each dictionary content is a paid product.

Build your vocabulary with 3-step learning system

The app offers 3-step learning - Learn, Check, Test - just as the existing Monokakido apps do.
Steadily build your vocabulary.

Various options to answer questions

Input questions can be answered by handwriting, using the "Rakuhira" handwriting recognition engine by PUX,and also by using the keyboard.

Some contents accept answering by voice recognition, which supports pronunciation practice.
Make good use of answer options for different study purposes.

Connect with the dictionary app

The app can be linked to "Dictionaries by Monokakido". If you encounter unfamiliar words or words that you would like to know in detail, you can easily switch between the two apps for search.


Wordbook for self-study

Wordbook adopts a "tile display", which is a well-received style in the Japanese dictionary "Diaijirin".
Also, highlighter pens support you focus on weak areas and marked words during your preparation and review.


Study history newly added

Calendar will be marked with a stamp to show your study dates - check the record at a glance.
Also, the "last studied date" is indicated for each content, which helps you check your study history even when you have multiple contents to work on.


Offers various settings

You can customize settings whether to proceed to the next question item automatically after answering a question, whether to play the audio automatically when the study screen is displayed,whether to synchronize your performance records through iCloud synchronization, and so on.


Find your necessary products in the dedicated store

Purchase contents from in-app store.
Various contents are on offer.


Free migration from standalone apps

If you already have standalone dictionary apps,
you can download the same contents in-app at no extra cost.
Rest assured that your bookmarks and search history can also be migrated.

Product specifications

Product name Vocabulary by Monokakido
Price Free (in-app study contents are paid products)
Operating environment iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with system version 13.0 or later, and
about 65MB storage
Download Download from Apple App Store