Oxford Collocations Dictionary

Oxford Collocations Dictionary

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English learner's collocations dictionary

This content contains all entries from “Oxford Collocations Dictionar‪y‬ for students of English” published by Oxford University Press to help you learn English.

The Oxford Collocations Dictionary shows you which words work together. It helps you express your ideas naturally and convincingly and is very useful for writing essays and reports.

The dictionary is an essential tool if you are preparing for the Cambridge Assessment English: B2 First or C2 Proficiency exams, IELTS, or studying other subjects in English which require writing in English.

Look up a word to find which words are used with it. The dictionary guides you to the right word combination for your context showing you the most frequently used combinations in both British and American English.

Features and functions

  • Search within entries, collocations, examples
  • Customize search options (starts/ends with, appears in collocations/examples)
  • Fast pattern-match search (*, ?, vowel, consonant and group of letters) for crossword solving
  • “Jump” feature – touch any word anywhere in the dictionary to go to the definition
  • Search text within entry
  • Bookmark and history functions
  • Syncing bookmarks and history with iCloud
  • Clipboard search
  • VoiceOver read outs dictionary contents


GenreEnglish learner’s dictionary
Update dateApril 15, 2021
Release dateApril 15, 2021
TitleOxford Collocations Dictionary
PublisherOxford University Press
Headword count8,500
Example count72,000