A must-have illustrated book full of photographs for wild bird lovers
"Nihon no yacho (Yama-Kei handy zukan)"


A wealth of data

Discover the beauty of a wide variety of birds. This app provides descriptions of 532 species of wild birds (605 including subspecies). More than 2,300 unique photographs show each species in its various forms, including males, females and seasonal variations in plumage. In addition, there are audio recordings of 207 species, allowing you to listen to a bird's call while you look at its photograph.


Search by various criteria

What is that bird called? With the search feature, you can find birds by comparing photographs that have been filtered by criteria like environment, distribution, season and size. When there are photographs of the same species with significant differences in appearance (males and females, seasonal variations in plumage, etc.), multiple pictures are displayed at the same time to ensure you can recognize the bird you are looking for.

With the index of family and species names, you can view a list of wild birds in each family or search for a bird by name. By pressing the "Select" button, you can pick out specific species to compare. Tapping the "Characteristics" button will display a photograph alongside information about the bird's characteristics, making it easy to learn how to identify species.


Stay efficient with Split View

Both "Slide Over" and "Split View" are supported. There is no need to close your photo app. With "Split View", you can keep your own photograph on one side while searching the bird database.


Unleash your curiosity

In addition to a distribution map and overview of photographs, the description page for each bird includes basic information like the bird's English name, scientific name, name in kanji characters, body length and wingspan, as well as observation season, distribution, environment, characteristics, behavior, a brief description of the bird's call and a list of similar species. You can also bring up a list of species descriptions matching certain criteria, making it easy to compare the descriptions for each bird. Tapping links to related birds will immediately display a description of that bird.


Bookmark your favorite birds

Keep track of birds you have looked up with the "Favorites Folder (Bookmarks)" and "History" features. You can even create multiple Favorites Folders, making it easy to classify the birds that you have observed.


Deepen your knowledge

In addition to the main features, this app includes information about the content and structure, a glossary, articles, a list of wild birds in Japan and a variety of other information. From the plumage of ducks to the impalement of prey by the shrike, you can discover knowledge that goes beyond the species description.

Product specifications

Product name Nihon no yacho (Yama-Kei handy zukan)
Price JPY 3,540 (including tax)
Operating environment iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with system version 10.0 or later, and
about 446MB storage
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