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柯林斯 COBUILD 高级英汉双解词典

A revolutionary, practical English dictionary.

"柯林斯 COBUILD 高级英汉双解词典" is an electronic dictionary application ideal for English language learners, which includes "Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary of American English, English/Chinese", the English dictionary published by the British company HarperCollins.

Furthermore, the sister publication,"COBUILD Advanced American English Dictionary 2", is also available. It contains a greater number of words, but does not have explanations in simplified Chinese. Please consider using it if it suits your needs. Click here for a full comparison of each product in the COBUILD series.


Beautifully, Quickly

This product is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch 3.5-inch models, right up to the latest iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2. It features a display that is remarkably better-looking than those seen on portable devices until now. Also, the iPad version uses a split view for greater clarity and usability, allowing you to search and display contents seamlessly, resulting in faster display of contents and greater agility than ever before.

Evolved Search Function

Find your desired vocabulary with confidence. Have you ever tried searching for words while only remembering how to spell the first few letters? Using this product's new function, "Pattern Search", you can set search conditions and look up words in a new way: for example, a four-letter word starting with "w" and ending with "y", or a word in which only specific letters in the word order are unknown. It is convenient for vocabulary you cannot remember well, and for solving crosswords.

Needless to say, as with our other dictionaries, this product features "Index Search", "Example Search" and "Idiom Search", allowing you to search for required information with certainty. "Example Search" allows you to search for your required wording through various example phrases — a powerful function for English compositions, such as emails. Also, as it is compatible with the "App Extension", you can search vocabulary selected on Safari using this product.

Additionally, re-search operations can be flexibly set using the "Drag and Delete" function, which clears the search text when a search result is dragged, or the "Erase Search Text" setting, which clears the search text during startup.


Plentiful Audio Data Recordings

Search, listen, memorize. This product features approximately 17,000 audio data recordings (American English pronunciation). Not only can you learn the word's meaning, but also the correct pronunciation. Additionally, you can also easily change the playback volume from within the application.


Jump and Search

Please trace a word you don't understand. We included the Trace and Jump feature, which was well received in "Daijirin. Just by tracing a word you don't understand and releasing your finger, you can search it instantly.

Also Supports 3D Touch

The application supports "3D Touch", a new feature on iPhone 6s. Lightly press on the search results, bookmarks, or display list to have a look at its explanation using 3D Touch's Peek function. Press a little deeper to Pop into the explanation and open it. It is also compatible with Quick Actions, so searches, bookmarks and history can be quickly accessed from the home screen.


Bookmarks and History

Just looked that up? This product includes bookmark and history functions, so important vocabulary and words that you find yourself looking up over and over again can be bookmarked, and vocabulary that you just searched can be easily checked from the history. You can also bookmark idioms and examples, and the history function features a display history and search history. All of this enables you to record the items you have looked up in more detail. There is no limit on the number of bookmarks you can have, while you can record up to 500 items in the history. These items can be separately deleted, and the order of the bookmarks can be rearranged.

Additionally, you can sync your bookmarks across multiple devices using iCloud. If you bookmark a word that has caught your attention while on the move, that word will also be conveniently bookmarked on your iPad at home.


Set Your Own Preferences

Make it the way you like. "Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary of American English" features the following settings, allowing you to use the application according to your preferred settings. The text size of such items as search results or the main body can be changed, making it possible to adjust to a size that is clear and user-friendly.

  • Color setting
  • Main body text size
  • List text size
  • Volume control
  • Deletion of search text
  • Delete by shaking
  • Clipboard search
  • Sync bookmarks
  • Full screen layout (iPad only)



柯林斯 COBUILD 高级英汉双解词典

  • Headline:About 23,000
  • Definition:About 39,000
  • Audio:About 17,000

What is (COBUILD)?

(COBUILD) is an acronym for "Collins Birmingham University International Language Database" and is the name of a collaborative research project between the famous British dictionary publisher Collins and Birmingham University. It is an epoch-making monolingual dictionary of "living English" that uses the huge database accumulated in the corpus "― The Bank of English™ ". It was also the world's first dictionary to be based on a corpus and has been widely loved by English learners around the world for more than 20 years.

About "The Bank of English™ "

"The Bank of English™ " is a database of about 650 million words of written and spoken English. Since 1990, this database has been built from of hundreds of types of written and spoken words, of which about 40% is British English, 30% is American English, and the remaining 30% is made up of Australian English, New Zealand English and Canadian English.
The written material is primarily from newspapers, magazines, televisions, radios, and bibliographies from around the world, and it uses various source materials, from websites, leaflets, and catalogs to reports and letters. In addition, the main information sources of spoken material include everyday conversations, meetings, interviews, discussions, and recordings of television and radio. Of the entire database, approximately 400,000 words are registered as such spoken material.

Compare COBUILD Series

Product コウビルド英英中辞典(米語版)
COBUILD 高级英汉双解词典
Learner’s Dictionary
American English Dictionary 2
HeadlineAbout 23,000About 46,000About 42,000
AudioAbout 17,000About 71,000About 34,000
DefinitionAbout 39,000About 65,000About 60,000
ExampleAbout 44,000About 86,000About 71,000